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What wedding trends do you see in the limousine service sector this year?
The big Hummer sedans are clearly the most popular with us. But there are also couples who prefer a classic-elegant stretch limousine. We have a suitable vehicle for everyone. From this year on we will also offer a carriage-limousine, a stretch-limo with built-in coach. Even if it still lasts until spring, it is already enormous. It's just something special. Tell us about your most exciting and beautiful job
Very interesting are always the Turkish weddings, with which is danced on the street and very celebrated - exciting to the experience. At these weddings almost exclusively Hummer limousines are booked.
What tips can you give to couples to choose the right Limousine service?
Choose not only the most favorable offer, but also pay attention to the quality. If you are already doing something like a limousine, it does not matter to a few euros, otherwise you can experience a nasty surprise. You should always have a look at the limo service on the spot and make sure you are safe. In this case, the right vehicle can be found directly and further details can be discussed. 


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