Car & stretch limousine import

Car & stretch limousine import

At PH Limos GmbH you can not only book your exclusive limousine, but also buy it. As part of our cooperation with international dealers, PH Limos can import your desired vehicle for you from the USA.

Your advantages for a limousine purchase through PH Limos GmbH:

  • 1. Limousine authentication check – Our employees in the USA check every single vehicle intensively. Special attention is paid to the electronics and mileage. With special measurement methods we can reveal hidden readjustments quickly and safe you from unpleasant surprises.
  • 2. Limousine substance check – The USA extends (except for Alaska and Hawaii) over six climate zones. From subtropical (Hawaii, Florida) to arctic (Alaska), the USA can offer nearly all climate zones and therefore also a lot of snow and rain in some regions, which can be very harmful for all stretch limousines. Here as well, the PH Limo employees check the actual origin of the vehicle and supports you in selecting the perfect limousine for you.
  • 3. Limousine import management - Shipping, customs and registration formalities – the range of the bureaucratic obstacles for a US import vehicles to Germany is complicated and opaque. Benefit from the PH Limo service with its long-term experience and a simple processing. Of course you will receive your limousine already with German documents.
  • 4. Limousine garage service – You need spare parts for your limousine quick and with small effort? No problem, we will assume the work for you and deliver the spare parts directly to you.

Purchase your desired limousine now through our import service. We will take care of all formalities for you until your vehicle stands right in front of you.


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